Our Range of  Products

Battery – Power Supply

No matter what electronics project you’re working on, you’re going to need some way to power it.

Copper Connectivity

Full spectrum of connectivity is covered on  OSP including DP, all types of closures, MDF solutions and drop wire modules.


IP PBX phone systems save you money, no phone wiring, great customer service.


PCB/PCBA Design: A printed circuit board,


There are different types of telephones and corresponding types of telephone systems. The three main types are Plain Old Telephone Service, cellular phones, and Internet Protocol phones.

Test & measurements

Our major products test and measurement tools analyze radio frequency, Optical and Ethernet, Network Monitoring and Analysis.

Surge Guard

A surge protector is designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes.

Direct lightning protectors

Power Solutions offers lightning protection systems for controlling lightning strikes and surges, preventing damage from lightning energy.

Power surge & lightning Protection

Surge Guard


We offers integrated solutions for broadcast systems on IPTV set top boxe and encoders.

Customer Premises Equipment

This equipment placed at the customer’s end of the telephone line and usually owned by the telephone company.

LTE Products

LTE Customer-premises equipment generally refers to devices such as telephones, routers, switches, residential gateways (RG), set-top boxes,

Range of Cables

Telecommunication Cables, a family of cables used for the transmission of Data, Information, Voice and Images.

Testing Equipments

Specialized Products stocks the best tools for cable testing and network analysis in the telecom and fiber optic industries.

FTTX connectivity

Fiber-to-the-home broadband connections, or FTTH broadband connections, refer to fiber optic cable connections for individual residences.

HDPE ducts

Hdpe ducts or hdpe pipes are specially manufactured electrical conduits made from graded raw materials like PE 63, PE 80 and PE 100.

Electronic components

IP pbx, voice loggers, call center solutions

Connectivity Solutions

we are one of the leaders in copper and fiber telecom connectivity solutions having achived a significant market position over decades of trusted supply to telcos and SI in Sri Lanka.

Electronic Components

We provide all range of Active and Passive Electronic Components over the 3 decades and the leader in high quality rare hard to find components supplies.

Optical Splicing Machine

When talking on the phone or using the internet, our splicers are used to connect optical fibers with superior precision to ensure your data are transmitted reliably anywhere.

Solar Power Systems

Solar power is arguably the cleanest, most reliable form of renewable energy available, and it can be used in several forms to help power your home or business.

WiFi Devices

Many devices can use Wi-Fi, e.g. personal computers, video-game consoles, smartphones, digital cameras, tablet computers and digital audio players.


The PSTN consists of telephone lines, fiber optic cables, microwave,

Surge protectors for power line

Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) are designed to reduce the random

Stand-alone Audio Video Encoders

The most common type of video encoders is the standalone version, which offers one or multi channel (often four) connections to analog cameras.

Integrated Receiver Decoders (Ird) & Conditional Access Modules

An integrated receiver/decoder (IRD) is an electronic device used to pick up a radio-frequency signal and convert digital information transmitted in it.Consumer IRDs, commonly called set-top boxes, are used by end users and are much cheaper compared to professional IRDs.

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Adaptation of the ICT Sector to Climate Change

July 28, 2015
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