About Us

Hyperjet Technologies (Pvt) Ltd commenced its operation in 2008. Hyperjet is the world’s only ethical trading partner of telecommunication equipment. Imports and supply electronic components to the local market. We are to meet telecommunication challenges of our customers and in the society as a whole and achieving them with best humane quality and providing excellence in the telecommunication field.ISO9000, ISO26000 and SA8000 standards are followed by us when providing services to our customers. When providing services to our customers we contemplate on their wellbeing as well of the society, nature in order to safe guard better greener environment for our future for generations.

Hyperjet Technologies being an industrial marketing company offers innovative and reliable telecommunication connectivity and surge protection solutions to our customers. All our suppliers go through an evaluation process of ethical practices, which cover numerous aspects as per requirements specified by Sedex. Through Sedex we share and views information on labour standards, health and safety, the environment and business ethics with our customers.

Our intentions are to support telecommunication industry to provide the best services to the country. Telecommunication operators, industrial customers, systems integrators, contractors and project operators are our valuable customers who benefit from our services. For the purpose Hyperjet Technologies (Pvt) Ltd provides best and the latest available telecommunication and surge protection solutions to optimise telecommunication services to the society.

The organizational culture we create is relationship based. We believe and trust on the relationships among peoples and organizations to be more productive. Encouraging interpersonal relationships, we promote creativity in each employee while developing motivation through group activity. We learn from Japanese, Korean and Chinese cultures. Hyperjet focuses on the long term: offering slow but steady rewards.

Our teams are diverse with seniors, youngsters, male female and people of many religions and social backgrounds. Professionally they are with electronics, telecom, mechanical, marketing, psychology, finance, human resource and medical backgrounds. Diversity in our groups of people give ideas that encourage people to come out with more creative business ideas and help solve problems more efficiently.

To meet ever increasing challenges by change of customer expectations due to social and organizational change, we have a holistic “future search excellence” program headed by the top management team. All futuristic concerns are covered in the program and relevant action is identified along with the time schedule. Our motto is “change or perish”. Change management process at Hyperjet is comprehensive. Our processes reason out people why a change is needed and enlightens them on what can be the implications if the change is not implemented. We also enlighten people on the benefits of carrying out a change. Our staff also becomes a part and partial of the program so that they are well aware of the targeted benefits and support the change.

Leadership at Hyperjet is transformational. We coach and mentor our people to discover new horizons in their futures by learning along the life at our company. Our vision for the future of our people is that they not only build competencies but define a future for the society. It is our way of how we manage the talent through organizational development that helps us achieve our objectives.

We strive to provide augmented products to drive customer satisfaction beyond expectation. With over 10 years of experience in providing telecom operators in Sri Lanka with the right solutions, we work hard to introduce innovative tailor made solutions to Sri Lankan Telcos to optimize utility. International principals we select are also equally committed to support our course.


Hyperjet Technologies Pvt Limited (HTPL) is a leading  provider of industrial material for telecommunication sector in Sri Lanka.  We passionately believe that  our clients have specific requirements and therefore, treat each  client on individual basis with overall objective of minimizing carbon foot print efficiency  our valued clients.  We are providing high standard of personalized and client centric  solutions and  you will find coporating with HTPL  is a vibrant experience.

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